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It is the greatest Polish organized information bank about social-economical situation, demographical, social and environmental matters. BDL describes voivodships, powiats and gminas as elements of social and administrative organization of the country, as well as regions and subregions that are parts of territorial units nomenclature, for statistical purposes. Garners, systematically completes, and updates statistical information on specific territorial division units. Local Data Bank:

  • ensures continuous, user-friendly access to up-to-date statistical information,
  • allows multidimensional statistical analyses in regional and local systems.

The variable catalogue that describes Polish territorial division units contains many items sorted by domain. Their number in subsequent years depends on the range of surveys conducted and gradual informational development of the Bank.

Local Data Bank is available on the page

Resources of Regional Data Bank are successively completed after receiving data batches. You can find the description of the up-to-date status of the database for the last reported year in the Help->Data state->Supply state for ... menu.

Application requirements to user's browser are on the page Help->Requirements.