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1. Does the Geostatistics Portal present only the data obtained during the Agricultural Census 2010 and the National Census of Population and Housing 2011?

The Geostatistics Portal provides the output data obtained during the censuses and data from the Local Data Bank (BDL). In the future, the Central Statistical Office plans to present output data collected also via other statistical surveys, included in the programme of statistical surveys of official statistics.

2. Is access to data made available on the Geostatistics Portal free of charge and to what extent can the data be used?

Access and use of spatial data services made available on the Geostatistics Portal is universal and free of charge. The statistics on the basis of spatial data presented on the Portal are purely for reference purposes and cannot be treated as an official document. The above provisions are contained in the Terms and Conditions for using the spatial data sets and services of the Geostatistics Portal

3. Does Central Statistical Office of Poland disseminate statistical data in kilometre grids on the following topics: demography, built up areas, indicators for spatial planning in the administrative boundaries of Warsaw? What indicators will be possible to acquire and for which years will they be relevant?

Demographic data in kilometre grids have been published in December 2014. The published visualizations include: total population, population by sex and age groups, femininity index in a 1km2 grid.

4. Does the Geostatistics Portal allow users to acquire geospatial data referring to an area located within a defined range from a specific object (selected based on the ortophotomap), meaning: is gmina (LAU2) the lowest possible level of data presentation in the Geostatistics Portal or can data for a user defined area be visualized?

Data available in the Geostatistics Portal is aggregated to units of administrative and statistical division of the country. Gmina (LAU2) is the lowest possible level of data presentation. The lowest level is determined for each thematic phenomenon in order to ensure that the visualizations meet statistical confidentiality requirements. For the Population and Housing Census 2011 results the lowest level is usually powiat (LAU1), though some data is published for gminas (LAU2). Some of the data from the Local Data Bank are available at gmina level as well.

Regarding visualizations in a user defined area – currently choropleth and diagram maps can be limited to a user defined set of territorial / statistical units (e.g. a few selected gminas).

5. How can I display data on the kilometre grids in Geostatistics Portal?

After entrance to the map application in the first window (“Modules”) select  - Kilometre grid presentation.

In order to view the thematic scope you should expand the "Map content” window and then mark the selected topic.

It is also possible to convert to the ” Kilometre grid presentation” by using Geostatistics Data Browser (the change is possible after expanding the arrow next to the logo and the name of the Geostatistics Portal - in the upper left corner of the Portal’s main view).

 6. How to solve the problem with loading the map application of the Geostatistics Portal?

You should clear your browser's cache (cache) and reload the application. In Mozilla Firefox browser you should run the "History" in the toolbar and then choose "Clear Recent History . . . " (or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Del):

Then in Details you should select „Cache” and click the “Clear Now”.

In Internet Explorer browser you should run the "Tools" in the toolbar and then choose "Delate Browsing History…” (or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Del):

And then select only the following options, and run the "Delete":